Vertical multi stage inline Booster pump

The vertical multi stage inline l booster pump is designed to boost up your flow. This reliable multi stage pump can deliver in various materials and sealing options. From boosting up drinking water till condensate pump, this unit pumps reliable and efficient. Due to his inline concept this pump can be placed in between an existing pipeline.

Capacity : up to 120 m³/hr
Head : up to 330 m
Operating pressure : up to 40 Bar
Motor power : up to 22kw
Viscosity of pumped liquid : 200 mm2/s
Temperature : -30ºC till +120º

Typical Applications

  • Drinking and household water supply systems
  • High pressure circuits
  • Irrigation systems
  • Draining systems
  • Sprinkling machines
  • Boiler feeding
  • Cooling systems
  • Fire-fighting systems
  • Laundry
  • Industrial washing shops
  • Rinsing systems
  • Washing systems
  • Condensation water pumping

Cold water Booster pumps

Wide range of cold water booster sets to meet the requirements of the H & V industry.
Models vary from a single pump, constant speed set, to a two, three or four pump, variable speed, inverter controlled set.

A range of fire hose reel sets, is also available

Capacity : up to 560 m³/hr
Head : up to 100 m
Operating pressure : up to 15 Bar
Motor power : up to 180kw
Temperature : 40ºC

Typical Applications

  • municipal and rural water supply systems
  • water treatment stations
  • housing estate pumping stations
  • residential buildings
  • buildings of public use
  • fire-fighting systems
  • Industrial systems (cooling systems, process water supplies etc.)

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