Single stage centrifugal pumps

Single stage centrifugal pumps normally sucking rotodynamic pumps with axial suction connector pipe and radial discharge connector pipe with horizontal shaft axis. Pump size and parameters according to PN-EN 733 standard. Centrifugal pumps can pump media not containing abrasive inclusions. Media physical and chemical properties should range within corrosion resistance limits for materials used for their construction in a specific material execution.

Capacity:up to 625 m³/hr 
Head : up to 100 m 
Operating pressure : up to 10 Bar 
Temperature : -15ºC up to +140ºC

Typical Applications

  • Air Conditioning
  • Fire Protection
  • Municipal Water Supply
  • Cooling Tower duties
  • Mine Dewatering
  • Industrial Water Supply
  • Marine Applications

Vacuum pumps

Vacuum pumps and blowers are designed for handling gases and vapours by sucking in and pumping. They can be used to create vacuum in technological systems, to flood water siphons, transportation of loose materials, where production process requires oil free gases. Depending on the requirements of the specific technological process, a variety of liquids may be used in circulation provided their densities are between 0.7 and 1.8 kg/dm3, viscosities are not higher than 21 mm2/s and the aggressiveness of the liquid is in the range of corrosion resistance of the materials used to design the specific device.

The equipment will handle gases saturated with vapours and containing a small amount of liquids up to 2% of the capacity of the gas handled, as well as those contaminated with traces of non-abrasive solids up to 0.2 mm. It is desirable to use filters on the suction pipe. The pumps and blowers are driven by motors supplied with electric current at the frequencies of 50 and 60 Hz. Other propelling methods are permitted provided the shaft carries the torque moment only. Vacuum pumps are used in:

Capacity  : 4,5 ÷ 1600 m3/h
Suction pressure ps min : 33 (40) hPa abs mm
Mass  : 44,4 ÷ 1492 kg
Motor power: 0,75 ÷ 45 kW
Capacity : 7,5 ÷ 1650 m3/h
Capacity : 7,5 ÷ 1650 m3/h
Compression pressure (gauge) pt max :0,15 (0,30) MPa
Mass : 45,4 ÷ 1492 kg
Motor power: 0,75 ÷ 100 kW

Typical Applications

  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food Processing
  • Paper
  • Textile Industry

Horizontal split case pump

The double suction split case pump, which is build to pump high capacities with efficiencies till 92%. Due to this concept axial forces are non-consistent, radial forces are consumed by two heavy duty bearing brackets. this range is designed to have the lowest possible running costs and is almost maintenance free.

Capacity : up to 6500 m³/hr 
Head : up to 270 m 
Operating pressure : up to 15 Bar 
Temperature : -15ºC up to +40ºC

Typical Applications

  • Water Treatment & Supply
  • Water Extraction
  • Booster Pumping
  • Cooling Tower Circulation
  • Process & Industrial Utility Duties
  • Petrochemical Utility Duties
  • Hot Water Circulation
  • Sea Water Lift

Vertical split case pump

The entire range of vertical split case pumps are available in vertical orientation. The vertical modules have been pre-engineered to retain competitiveness in price and delivery. A wide variety of material options are available. Bottom bearings are product lubricated as standard while external grease lubricated bearing is offered as an option. Cast Iron rugged motor and pump stools are used. Vertical arrangement offers saving in space without sacrificing any of the traditional advantages of split case pumps

Capacity : up to 1000 m³/hr 
Head : up to 150 m 
Speed : 3000rpm 
Typical Applications: Main Sea Water

Typical Applications

  • Drencher
  • Fire
  • Emergency Fire
  • General Service
  • Ballast
  • Booster
  • Fire Jockey
  • Drill Water
  • Base Oil
  • Brine
  • Potable Water


Gear pumps

FLUID TECH SYSTEMS Offer most efficient and economic range of Positive Displacement Rotary Gear Pumps under the brand name "ROTOFLUID" having special features, Simple & compact design, Low noise High efficiency, Easy to maintain Reliable and Low cost. Rotary Gear Pumps are ideal for Chemical, Petrochemical, Food Oil Steel, Refining, Paints, Dairy, Sugar, & Pharmaceutical Industries The pumps are useful for handling viscous liquids i.e. all Kind of oils, viscous chemicals & food application.

Capacity : up to 30 m³/hr 
Head : up to 100 m 
Operating pressure : up to 15 Bar 
Temperature : up to +200ºC

Typical Applications

  • Food product like Ghee, Butter, Pulp, Vegetable sauce
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Cosmetic industries
  • Dyes and Resins
  • Chemical industries for corrosive viscose chemical.
  • Dyeing and Printing house.
  • Special chemical and Acid industries
  • Refineries.
  • Fuel oil, Diesel oil, Furnace oil

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