Custom Gearbox

With over 140 years of experience, David Brown has in-depth knowledge of a wide range of industrial applications from mill and conveyor drives through to specialist high speed drives and extreme heavy duty low speed/high torque drives.

Defence Transmissions

With unrivalled experience in the design, development, manufacture and in-service support of hydraulic and mechanical transmission systems for defence forces across the world, David Brown products offer a variety of solutions to satisfy demanding performance requirements, complex space envelopes and extremes in operating conditions.

Marine Transmissions

David Brown marine propulsion solutions embrace the design, development and manufacture of drive systems for all kinds of surface and submarine vessels, including main propulsion drives up to 50 MW. This encompasses gear derived transmissions for practically every kind of propulsion including diesel, combined diesel or gas (CODOG), gas or gas (2 COGOG) and gas and gas (2 COGAG) arrangements.

Geared Motors

Geared Motors from David Brown ensure that key industry needs are fully addressed with rapid availability of replacement products that are configured to exact requirements, instant interchangeability on site and the ability to utilise standard motor configurations.

Servo Drives

Our Servo Drives range offers complete servo motor adaptability in a cost effective package. They are ideal if you wish to upgrade to servo control technology but do not require high precision gearing.

Industrial Gearboxes

Compact designs ensure increasing output can be managed in ever reducing footprints. David Brown has a wealth of experience of arduous applications and extreme environments. This assures a high level of durability and reliability, combined with the flexibility to satisfy the widest range of applications.

Geared Pumps

Our Roloid Pump offers a cost effective solution to lubrication and fluid transportation problems and coupled with our engineering excellence provides a reliable and versatile product.

Screw Jacks

David Brown's screw Jacks are capable of lifting 1kg up to 100 tones and at speeds of up to 300m/s and strokes as big as 12 meters ensuring we meet the demands of our customers.

Girth Gears

Investment in the most advanced machining and gear cutting technology, along with development of new materials used in the manufacturing process, has enabled David Brown to rewrite the rule book on girth gears.

Cone Drive Products-Servo units

We can offer an extensive range of servo units to further ensure we meet your power transmission needs.

Cone Drive Products -Worm gears

A further extension to our worm gear range with our close partnership with cone drive the industry’s leading innovators with worm gear products.

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