ROTO-FT for General Purpose

This series contains general purpose foot mounted pumps with female threading at inlet & outlet ports.Application: All general purpose viscous fluid like Lube Oil, Paints, edible oil etc. The pump is made to provide study design and construction to ensure long trouble free life with best performance.

Technical Data: 

Pump Body: Graded CI Casting. 
Gears: Alloy Steel Single helical. 
Shaft: Alloy Steel – Hardened & ground.
Bush: Self Lubricated Sintered Bronze Bushes
Sealing: oil Seal 
Size: 1/4” to 3” BSP (9 different sizes)
Capacity: 5 to 500 LPM. 
Pressure Max.: 10 bar

ROTO-FTRN/FTRB Rotary Twin Gear Pump

This series general purpose foot mounted pumps with flange mounting at inlet & outlet ports.


Crude oil dirty oil kerosene, LDO, HSD, WOOD pulp, Furnace oil etc.,Viscosity up 100,00 cst temperature up to 110°C . In built pressure relief valves provided to achieve maximum working pressure 12 bar.

Pump Body              :Graded CI Casting. 
Gears                      :Alloy Steel Double helical H Nitride
Shaft                       :Alloy Steel – Hardened & ground.
Bearings & Bushes    :needle Roll Bearing (FTRN
Bearings & Bushes    :Bronze Bushes (FTRB)
Sealing                    :Oil Seal 
Size                         :1/2” to 6” BSP (8 different sizes)
Capacity                  :0.5 to 200M3/hr
Pressure Max.          :12 bar
Temperature  Max. : 110 C

ROTO-FTSS Food & Chemical Industries

This series contains special purpose foot mounted pumps with female threading at inlet & outlet ports.


All food Grade products like Ghee, Butter Etc. for pharmaceutical industries to handle glycol, glycerin etc. for chemical industries to handle corrosive viscous chemicals. The pump is very versatile, compact, easy cleaned and operates at maximum working pressure 12 bar.

Technical Data:
Pump Body             :SS316 
Gears                     :AISI SS 316 (H.Nitrided) single helical gear
Shaft                      :AISI SS 316 (Nitride & Grounds).
Bush                      :Teflon coated imported DU bushes 
Sealing                  :Teflon base ‘Z’ pack
Size                       :1/4 “to 2 ½” (6 different Sizes))
Capacity                 :8 to 300 LPM. 
Pressure Max.         :12 bar

ROTO-FIG-f Fuel Injection Gear Pump

This series contains Fuel pressuring internal gear type foot mounted pumps with flange threading at inlet & outlet ports. Applications:

Ful oil boilers burners, In Built pressure relief valves is provided & pump perates up to maximum temperature 200°C (Fuel) and Maximum working pressure 35Bar

Technical Data:
Pump Body             :Graded CI Casting 
Gears                    :Alloy Steel .H Nitride
Shaft                     :Alloy steel H Nitride & Grounds
Bush                      :Teflon coated imported DU bushes 
Sealing                  :Mechanical seal
Size                       :1/2” to ¼” BSP
Capacity                :60 to 2500 LPH
Pressure Max.        : 35 bar
Temperature  Max. : 200 C

Rotary Gear Pump_FTX

This series contains foot mounted with ‘L’ bracket & Flange mounted purpose pumps having female threading at inlet & outlet ports.


All General Purpose Viscous fluid like LUB oil,paints,transformer oil,LDO etc.The Maximum working pressure is 15 Bar.

Technical Data:

Pump Body           :Graded CI Casting 
Gears                    :Alloy Steel Single Helical 
Shaft                     :Alloy Steel hardened & Ground
Bush                     : Self Lubricated sintered Bronze Bushes 
Sealing                  :oil seal
Size                      :1/4” to 2 ½” BSP (8 different sizes) 
Capacity                : 2.5 to 350 LPM.
Pressure Max.        : 12 bar

ROTO Rotary Gear Pump FTM/FTMS

This series contains foot mounted Special purpose pumps having flange mounting at inlet & outlet ports.


Liquid used in boilers & burns, Crude oil ,Tar etc. FTMS Series contains in built pressure relief valve. The pumps are used handle corrosive liquids. Thinner or thicker liquids having lesser lubricating valve. The Maximum working Pressure is 16bar.

Technical Data:
Pump Body                :SS 316 (FTMS),
Pump Body                :Graded cast iron casting (FTM)
Gears                        :SS 316 Double helical H Nitride (FTMS)/ 
Gears                        :SS 316 Single Helical H Nitride (FTM)
Shaft                         :SS 316 h Nitride & Ground
Bush                         :Teflon coated imported DUbushes( FTMS)
Bush                         :wear paste cum bush bronze (FTM)
Sealing                     :Teflon base ‘Z’ pack 
Size                          :½” to 6” BSP
Capacity                    :12 to 2000 LPM
Pressure                    :16 bar

ROTO_FTMP Oil Transfer Pump

This series contains flange mounted and shaft mounted pumps having threading inlet & outlet ports.


Lubricating oil. The pumps are designed to transfer the lubricating oil with maximum working pressure is 15bar.

Technical Data:
Pump Body                : Graded CI Casting
Rotor                         : Sintered CI casting
Shaft                         : Alloy Steel hardened & Ground
Bush                         : Self Lubricated sintered Bronze Bushes 
Bush                         : wear paste cum bush bronze (FTM)
Sealing                      : oil seal
Size                          :1/4” to to ¾” BSP (8 DIFFERENT) SIZE) 
Capacity                   :0.5 to 40 LPM @1500rpm
Pressure Max.             : 15 bar

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