The IceBlast KG6S Battery is suitable for companies that have a limited number of short cleaning tasks. It is supplied complete with an ergonomic blasting gun and 5 m hose. The machine is unique due to its size and operation principles. It is electrically driven and controlled. The machine includes a battery which allows the KG6S to operate without power supply. The machine is made of stainless steel and has a well-arranged, user-friendly control panel, making it simple to operate. Its compact size allows easy use in production areas. The machine is highly effective due to the IceTech patented self-adjustment system that requires a minimum of maintenance. Dry ice pellets with a diameter of 3 mm are used as blasting material.

Style 200 slurry seal

This feature benefits the operator to always be able to start blasting with the correct parameters resulting in considerable time saving.

Up to 4 programs can be stored in the machine memory. The programs can be locked, and only a password can unlock the machine so as to bypass these fixed programs. This feature is an advantage especially in large production companies since a more uniform cleaning is achieved and an overconsumption of dry ice due to incorrectly set blasting parameters is avoided. In addition to the program/memory function, the KG30 PROFESSIONAL has a number of features, e.g.: Hour counter, multiple language display, error log, earthing/grounding indicator (prevents machine start if insufficiently earthed/grounded), and a large service menu with machine adjustment possibilities.

Complete Dry Ice Blasting System

The Complete Dry Ice Blasting System is a unique solution providing all the necessary equipment for dry ice blasting in one complete unit. The system is well-arranged and includes a complete checklist which enables distributors to easily deliver a complete dry ice blasting system for rental, and also determine the state of the equipment being returned. The steel cabinet protects the equipment and makes delivery of the system unproblematic. Also, the system comes complete with wheels and locks. Please refer to the below-mentioned list for equipment included in the complete dry ice blasting system as well as technical specifications of the dry ice blasting machine. 

The System includes:
KG50 Dry Ice Blasting Machine
IT2 box of nozzle attachments
Dry ice hoses, complete, 2 x 10 m
Air supply hose, 10 m, ¾" 
Air supply hoses, 2 x 20 m, 1"
IceTech standard blasting gun, Ice Gun II-01
Safety equipment: hearing protector and safety goggles
Ice shovel
Cover for KG50 Dry Ice Blasting Machine
Storage area for additional boxes of nozzle

COMBI 75 Complete, Automated Machine for-Dry Ice Production and Dry Ice Blasting

he IceTech COMBI 75 and its accessories have been developed with the intention of manufacturing an automated cleaning system which both meets the requirements especially of industrial companies for a continuous cleaning process, and minimizes consequential costs of machine / plant cleaning and maintenance.

The IceTech COMBI 75 combines dry ice pellet production and dry ice blasting. Therefore high-density dry ice pellets will always be available on site in the exact quantity required.

Several Functions in one Machine
The IceTech COMBI 75 combines several units and functions:
:: A pelletizer unit
:: A dry ice blasting unit
:: Optional distribution system to facilitate the connection of several   blasting guns
:: Optional integration in plant control units and automation processes
The IceTech COMBI 75 continuously produces dry ice pellets directly into  the pellet tank of the dry ice blasting unit.From there the dry ice pellets are transported through a distribution system to one or more blasting guns or robots.


The IceTech IceMaker presents a revolutionary alternative to existing dry ice making machines. The IceMaker provides non-stop supply of high-density dry ice pellets from a source of low temperature liquid carbon dioxide. From a storage tank, a regulated supply of liquid CO2 is expanded to low pressure and forms the dry ice snow which is then pressed through a multiport extruder die by a single acting horizontal reciprocating piston. The IceMaker is placed in a closed steel cabinet, which has been muffled to limit the noise level and includes the latest technical advances in heat exchangers as it enables the user to limit startup time and improve the quality of the pellets compared to existing products on the market.

IceMaker PR300
Individual dry ice production in the two barrels.Possible to maintain 50% of production capacity during servicing - no downtime!!

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