Sets new standards for bearing protection and ease of assembly. It combines lapped precision sealing faces with a snap lock composite cowl to seal in lubrication and keep contaminants out. MAGNUM-C is designed to protect your pump power frame, gearbox, motor, blower and more.

The “C” is a magnetically closed bearing seal with controlled range precision sealing faces and an interlocking labyrinth.  The design is optimized to keep the outside world from getting into your bearings.  All these features are in a compact unitized assembly that installs as easy as a lip seal.


Totally seal motors and power frames. The Magnum-D version is optimized to prevent water intrusion from high-pressure washers and contaminated environments. Your equipment can now have waterproof shaft seals that will not wear your shaft and last for years. That means real savings to your maintenance budget. The liquid and airtight shaft seals are compact, convenient to use and quickly available. Isomag Magnum seals are available in any shaft size from 3⁄4” to 13”.

ISOMAG bearing seals eliminate the problems caused by leaking bearing seals.ISOMAG products seal in lubricants and seal out contaminates better than previously available technologies. All ISOMAG seals are lapped flat face magnetic. Seals that provide maximum long-term sealing and increased equipment life. We fit more sizes and types of equipment than any other flat face bearing seal. The MAGNUM-G is designed to positively seal applications that use high viscosity lubricants.The MAGNUM-G is optimized for slower heavy-duty applications that require a higher sealing face closing force.The MAGNUM-G is preferred for use in gearboxes and speed reducers. It can also be used to solve sealing problems caused by vibration and shaft run out.All ISOMAG seals are designed to last for years and not damage your shaft. They work as a compact one-piece unit that installs as easily as a lip seal.The MAGNUM-G features all metal primary construction and internal magnetically loaded sealing faces with no exposed moving parts.

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