Style MBC 609DIN Metal bellow seals

Metal bellowcan operate in extremely high or low temperatures- they are formedto operate at far below their elastic limits, adding greatly to their reliabili ty inextreme conditions. They can be installed anywhere - as simple seal or cartridge- in single, tandem, or double acting arrangements. Exotic materials layers can be functionspecific toresist corrosion, temperature, provide spring tension. Seals fluid pressure spring pressure can be resisted to heretofore unattainable levels. If one bellow layer fails other layers can carry on it.

Operating conditions
Pressure                            25 up to bar 
Speed                               1500       rpm                               
Temperature  Max.             Up to 425°C
Size available                     25mm to 100mm

Style MBC-670DIN metal bellow seals

STYLE MBC670 DIN Series is a dimensionally interchangeable range of rotating, edge welded metal bellows seals developed using the most advanced design and manufacturing technology available. A wide variety of material options are available making these seals applicable to general purpose pumps,process pumps in oil refining, chemical, petrochemical, steel mills, pulp and paper, indeed anywhere there is a need for secure, economical sealing. Single mechanical seal with metal bellow seal balanced dual direction.

Operating conditions
Pressure                             Up to 25 bar
Speed                                1500 rpm                               
Temperature  Max.              Up to 400°C
Size available                      25 mm to 100mm

Style MBC-675 Formed Metal Bellow Seals 

Formed metal bellows is an improved version of metal bellow seals. This type seals secondary ring adopts graphite to last using life. Rotation type formed bellows to change welded bellows. Alloy ring and retainer use adhibition method to change heated mount. This special design can avoid distortion, blast of the alloy ring. This kind of seal can be used for crude oil, slurry, dirty oil, bitumen, liquid with solid, high viscosity. Industry lines from refinery, chemical plant, thermal, electricity plant, smelt plant etc. Special bellows design for very high temperature and Anti-Corrosion design mechanical seals.

Operating conditions
Pressure                      Up to 25 bar
Speed                         1500 rpm                               
Temperature Max.        Up to 400°C
Size available              25 mm to 100mm

SStyle MBC 680 Formed Metal Bellow Seals

This series is a new innovated seal and can be used for pumping tough liquid such as nud,slurry,dirty oil,bitumen, high viscidity. O ring designScrew design for simple installation.

Operating conditions
Pressure                             Up to 25 bar
Speed                                1500 rpm                               
Temperature Max.               up to 150°C
Size available             25 mm to 100mm

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